Did elvis write his own songs

Did elvis write his own songs,  · no elvis did not write any songs, tom parker may have got him listed on the credits, but of course elvis did arrange some songs blue suede shoes written by carl perkins had a longer stop intro which was boring elvis cut it down on his recording and every one sings the song elvis's way.

Elvis influenced music, whether or not he wrote his own songs/lyrics what the heck would we have done without elvis presley, people come on elvis is king tj. Sadly, not only did ep not write his own songs, but his manager colonel tom parker was made it impossible for the best tin pan alley and nashville songwriters to pitch new material to the king the reason was simple human greed reigned supreme thomas andrew colonel tom parker was the dutch-born american manager of elvis presley. How can the answer be improved.

Pages in category songs written by elvis presley the following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total this list may not reflect recent changes. Elvis wrote 8 of his songs although he is in the songwriting credits for 9 songs elvis did not write any of his songs, they were all written for himhe did write a small song when he was a kid that never got recorded that i'm aware ofhe was a singer not a writer. Elvis presley’s “hit” songwriters for interpreting songs—injecting his own brand of list on the strength of two top 10 elvis hits he wrote on his own.

 · remember that elvis was in a very powerful position, as the most popular singer in rock and roll if a young, unknown songwriter like otis blackwell (the real composer of the two songs i mentioned earlier) wanted elvis to record one of his songs, colonel tom parker could lean on that songwriter to share songwriting credit with elvis. Elvis is a good performer and stylist he doesn't have to write his own material just because of the bob dylan standard permeates modern times yes writers wrote and perform their own songs before dylan, but a music performer is a performer elvis is a performer even if he isn't my favourite one.  · elvis presley recorded over 600 songs during his lifetime, but he didn't write any of them why is he so popular given the fact he didn't write any of his.

Yes he did write a lot of his own songs he generally would hum all the musical elements while beatboxing check out this youtube video.

  • Elvis was a vocalist, and like nearly all the great pop vocalists of on the half century before him he didn't write his own songs that wasn't his job his job was to interpret other peoples songs and he did that as well as anyone last century.
  •  · best answer: i love elvis, but elvis didn't write any of his songs he did rearrange most of his early songs to fit his style but elvis was just a singer, like frank sinatra and other very successful singers.

Did elvis write his own songs
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